About FCC Logo

The FCC logo has been the first flag logo around - so this is the original, all others are only cheap copies! ;)
If was originally developed by a guy whose name got lost, and was then taken over by cretze for the FCC (Flag Chasers Community).
It's usage was limited to FCC members, which was the reason why

Like every successful product, it got copied soon.
After HT changed to the new layout, flag logos have become rather unpopular, and the FCC logo almost died.
Development has been taken over by Mr_Clean and mindw0rm, and the FCC logo was changed to a CHPP app, open to everyone now.

CHPP Declaration

This application uses information from the online game service Hattrick.org. This use has been approved by Hattrick Ltd, the publishers and copyright owners of Hattrick.org. CHPP ID: 1863

Terms of Usage

The FCC logo is open top everyone who owns a Hattrick team.
Hovever, we will lock out users who violated against certain HT rules, especially the no-spam-for friendlies rule.


To contact the developers, please send a HT mail to either Mr_Clean or mindw0rm.

You don't have a HT team, so you can't send ingame messages? Just go here and get one ;)


FCC Logo uses PHT – thanks to teles for providing and maintaining it! :)


The following people helped translation this site. Thanks for your contribution!