Frequently Asked Questions

How can I generate my new logo?
  • go to the page 'Logo Config':
    • In the Current Logo edit box add the URL to your current logo (e.g.
    • After you entered the URL, push the Update button. If the URL is correct, your current logo will appear to the right.
    • If you don't want your logo on the flag logo, simply leave this field empty.
  • Here you can also modify configuration parameters:
    • Text above the flags: you can leave this empty if you don't want any text here.
    • Fog level for not selected countries: valid values are between 100 (almost normal) and 255 (invisible). This only applies if you use the 'Fog' of 'Foggy Gray' effect.
    • Show visited countries statistics: if checked, a progress bar and a statistics text is shown below the flag collection.
    • Highlight home country: the country you select here will have a black frame drawn around its flag.
    • Statistics text: the text below the progress bar, if that option is checked. You can use various codes (see below).
    • Mark next country: the flag of the selected country will be drawn hatched.
    • Aligment of the text above the flags: how the above text is aligned.
    • Effect for unvisited countries: you can choose from 'Fog' (alpha blend), 'Gray' and 'Foggy Gray' (combination of both).
    • Countries Sort Order: specifies how the countries are sorted on the flag logo:
      • Hattrick: (almost) same order as in Hattrick, ie. by name (other than HT we trat Ö as O and not something > Z)
      • historic: the order that the countries were added to Hattrick
      • coolness: sorted by coolness value
    • Countries Sort Direction: if the countries are sorted ascending (smallest first) or descending (biggest first) in respect of the selected sort order.
    • Number of Countries per Row: how many flags will be drawn in one line.
    If you change any options, press the corresponding Update button to save your changes.
  • go to the page 'Manage Countries':
    • From the list of countries select the ones you have visited and you want to be highlighted in the generated logo. The unselected countries will be foggy/gray.
    • You can also fetch your current flag collections from HT.
    • After you fetched them, you can choose which one should be presented. Possible choices are 'home', 'away', 'and' and 'or'. You can also choose to show the inverted collection.
    • There's also the possibility to invert your selection. Note that this will not save it!
    • After you selected the countries you want to show in the logo, press the Save button.
  • go to the page 'Generate Logo':
    On this page you see some of your current settings, like the current logo URL and the list of selected countries. To generate a new team logo, press the Generate button. You new flag logo will appear to the right.
    To save your new logo, just right-click the image and choose "Save Picture As".
I can't log in on FCC Logo. What should I do?
To log in, you must use the HT oAuth mechanism. After clicking the login button you'll be redirected to Login there and allow read access. After submitting your credentials you'll be redirected to the FCC Logo. Unless you chose to be remembered (and allow long-time cookies), you'll habve to do so at every visit.
What image formats can I use for my current logo?
You may use only the following formats: *.JPG, *.PNG and *.GIF. Other formats, including *.BMP, are not supported. Please don't use animated *.GIF images because you won't get an animated logos, only static ones.
How can I save my flag logo in another format?
Users of Internet Explorer can save the picture only as a *.BMP, while Firefox users can save only as *.PNG.
If you want another format, open the save image with an image manipulation program (Paint,, Gimp, Photoshop, IrfanView, etc.) and save it as the desired format.
I have a JPG file as logo. Why is it not accepted/shown?
Some image manipulation programs sve JPG files in a format that is not recognized by the PHP API. Try
  • open you current logo with MS Paint
  • save it as BMP
  • open that BMP
  • save it as JPG
  • use this JPG as current logo
How can I specify an image on my local computer for my current logo?
This is not possible, FCC Logo can only work with images that are hosted on the internet. You have to upload it to some webspace first
If you don't have a webspace on your own, there are numerous image hosters out there, e.g.
Important: do NOT use the URL of the logo that you uploaded on Hattrick! When you upload your flag logo on Hattrick, the original one will be overwritten. If you gereate the FCC logo again, there will be two flag collections shown.
What codes can I use in the statistics text?
The following code are supported:
  • #VC# - will be replaced with the number of visited countries
  • - #C# - will be replaced with the total number of countries
  • - #P# - will be replaced with the percentage of countries visited
  • - #LC# - will be replaced with the number of not visited countries
  • - #COOL# - will be replaced with your cooless rating
  • - #CP# - will be replaced with the percentage of your coolness rating to the total possible coolness
How is coolness calculated?
The coolness of a country is calculated by dividing the total number of teams in all countries (including HT International) by the number of teams in that country.
HT International is treated as a country of its own, since it also gives a flag.